An updated 3,500 year-old tradition, a Legacy Letter expresses your love by conveying your values, stories, wisdom and hopes with family and friends in a letter or book.

Join entertaining and inspiring professional writer Leah Dobkin for this life-affirming, profoundly spiritual, fun filled and satisfying four-week course.

The course will provide the tools and support you need to write a heartfelt letter to loved ones, as well as discover and reclaim the legacies of your ancestors, clarify your values, give purpose to your life, and translate your stories and hard-earned life lessons into blessings and gratitude.


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"The legacy letter writing class was way above excellent. You are a great teacher and presenter and a very memorable woman. Thank-you for sharing your heart." Marne Taylor

"The legacy letter writing workshop felt like ten minutes long. Three hours- No way! So fast, so fun, so important!" Cadie Loungan

"The Legacy Letter Writing class was a potpourri of ideas, and in-depth information on how to write and present a legacy letter. There was far more information and help in writing a legacy letter than I could ever imagine." Joan Bearder