Our restaurant serves the kind of food we like to eat: big flavors, fresh ingredients,

SIMple yet creative preparation.

we make everything from scratch, using a foundation of ingredients we produce onsite or source

locally. Items in green are grown on the farm or fermented in our kitchen.

Menu items may vary with seasonal changes. We hope you'll enjoy this truly farm-to-table experience.







Our Sourcing Practices

Our Sourcing Practices



We grow vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers on our small urban farm just steps away from our restaurant, focusing on the kinds of crops that do best in our subtropical climate. We grow both in the soil and in hydroponic systems, and we never use chemical pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides. We prioritize heirloom varieties for their exceptional flavors and remarkable beauty. None of our crops are genetically modified. We are proud of our responsible, ecologically-minded, resource-conservative growing practices, and we invite you to tour our farm and ask us questions.

the kitchen

We produce a wide range of traditional foods in our kitchen, with a focus on the craft of fermentation- transforming food through the magic of beneficial bacteria. We bake bread, make cheese, and ferment anything we can get our hands on, from veggies to beverages to vinegars and more. We prefer to do things the old fashioned way, so our food takes a lot of time, love, and muscle. Everything you’re eating in the restaurant is made from scratch, including the salad dressings and condiments. We even cure the bacon ourselves. We hope you enjoy eating it as much as we enjoy making it.

Our Sourcing

For the ingredients we don't grow on the farm, we choose with care. When sourcing meat and dairy, we go out of our way to support ethical, environmentally sustainable practices (animals raised on pasture nearby on small farms). When we buy additional vegetables, we go by the following criteria in the following order:

  • Grown by local producers we know and trust, using sustainable practices

  • Grown in Florida using sustainable practices

  • Grown in Florida using conventional practices

  • Grown in the USA, certified organic


The following is a list of specific ingredients and the local and regional folks that produce them. If it’s on the list, it means we source that item exclusively from the producer listed.

Chicken Seely's Ark, Ocala

Honey Hani Honey Co, Martin County

Shrimp Wood’s Fisheries, Key West

Olive Oil Texas Olive Ranch, Texas

Whole Grain Flour Carolina Ground, North Carolina