Why we grow

We believe that sustainable agriculture is a force for good. We believe that farming can benefit our environment. We believe that food is the foundation of culture. We believe in food as medicine. We believe in the need for more alternatives to industrial food. We believe that food production can and should take place in urban settings.

Urban farms have the unique opportunity to engage communities right where they are. Urban farming makes food production conspicuous and offers neighbors the opportunity to see what goes into raising food before it winds up at the grocery. Kids, especially, can develop a new relationship with food by seeing and participating in how it's grown.

Ecologically, urban farms help preserve green spaces, reduce stormwater runoff, reduce heat island effect, and support wildlife like birds, bees, and butterflies.

How we grow

We are committed to natural and sustainable growing practices. We grow appropriate crops in season. We prioritize heirloom varieties when possible. We source our seed from cooperatively- and employee-owned companies, and save some seed ourselves. Some, but not all, of our seed is certified organic. None of our seed is GMO.

We rely on only organic fertilizers for our soil garden. We compost our own farm waste as well as waste from local restaurants and return the nutrients to our soil. Our hydroponic garden is fine-tuned to use water and fertilizer conservatively. We use a commercial hydroponic nutrient sourced locally to grow healthy crops.

Under no circumstances do we use any chemical pesticides on our farm. The only materials we use to treat pests and disease are approved for organic agriculture. We manage pests generally through cultural practices and use sprays as a last resort.