Stuart's First Urban Farm


Stuart's First Urban Farm


Stuart's Only Urban Farm

We established Ground Floor Farm in 2014.  As an urban farm, we focus on growing food where the short distance from farm to customer makes a real difference.

We grow fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers right in the heart of Downtown Stuart. Our one-acre garden is small by most standards, but we use intensive planting techniques and vertical hydroponic towers to grow thousands of pounds of fresh produce each season.

the hows

In south Florida, our main growing season runs October through May. The hot summer weather makes it difficult to grow many of the traditional fruits and vegetables most customers are used to. But as we grow, it is our mission to educate our customer base and offer more regionally and seasonally appropriate crops to extend the season.

We are committed to growing good fresh food in sustainable and ecologically-minded ways. We build fertility and soil health using crop rotation, cover crops, efficient drip irrigation, and lots of compost. We fertilize our soil with natural materials like fish emulsion, composted poultry litter, and worm castings. Our hydroponic garden is fertilized with high-quality commercial hydroponic nutrients.

We battle pests and diseases with predatory insects, natural deterrents, physical barriers, regular scouting and culling, and a lot of squishing by hand. When these practices are insufficient, we use only organic-approved materials for pest control.

NO synthetic chemical pesticides, insecticides, or fungicides are ever used on our farm.

the whys

We believe that sustainable agriculture is a force for good. We believe that farming can benefit our environment. We believe that food is the foundation of culture. We believe in food as medicine. We believe in the need for more alternatives to industrial food. We believe that food production can and should take place in urban settings.

Urban farms have the unique opportunity to engage communities right where they are. Urban farming makes food production conspicuous and offers neighbors the opportunity to see what goes into raising food before it winds up at the grocery. Kids, especially, can develop a new relationship with food by seeing and participating in how it's grown.

Ecologically, urban farms help preserve green spaces, reduce stormwater runoff, reduce heat island effect, and support wildlife like birds, bees, and butterflies.

the wheres

Throughout the season, our farm stand is stocked with a variety of fresh vegetables. We also bake sourdough bread daily, we make cheese from local milk, and pickle lots of our own veggies for sale on our craft food table. Because our farm is subject to the whims of Mother Nature, we can’t guarantee the availability of any single item at all times, but we plant a wide variety to ensure harvests are bountiful and tasty.