who we are


who we are

Ground Floor Farm is a food and community hub in Downtown Stuart.

Our aim is to help grow a more dynamic and resilient town through food, art, and fun. We are part urban farm, part restaurant & experimental kitchen workshop, part arts and open-source community hub. Yes, those are a lot of things for one business to be.

We want to nourish Stuart with excellent food, practical and interesting know-how, and enriching cultural and artistic experiences. We want Ground Floor Farm to be as varied, vibrant, and expansive as our beautiful home town. So come; eat, learn, and enjoy. 

what we do


Our restaurant serves the kind of food we like to eat: big flavors, fresh ingredients, and simple yet creative preparation. 

We focus on the craft of fermentation: transforming food through the magic of beneficial bacteria. We bake bread, make cheese, and ferment anything we can get our hands on, from veggies to beverages, to vinegars and more. We prefer to do things the old fashioned way, so our food takes a lot of time, love, and muscle. 

We hope you'll enjoy this truly farm-to-table experience.


We grow vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers on our small urban farm just steps away from our restaurant, focusing on the kinds of crops that do best in our subtropical climate.

We utilize hydroponic and more traditional growing methods. We never use chemical pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides. We prioritize heirloom varieties for their exceptional flavors and remarkable beauty. None of our crops are genetically modified. We are proud of our responsible, ecologically-minded, resource-conservative growing practices, and we invite you to tour our farm and ask us questions.


We believe a strong connection with our food and confidence in the kitchen is fundamental to a healthy and happy life, as well as a flourishing community.

In our kitchen workshops, we teach production techniques, such as baking, cheese making, and fermenting veggies. These fast-disappearing skills are fun and fulfilling, whether you plan on trying them once or incorporating them into your everyday routine.